Impact private equity and venture capital managers and investors are facilitating a new investment paradigm and demonstrating a genuine commitment to doing good as well as doing well.


Tim Farazmand, LDC Managing Director and BVCA Chairman for 2014, has made social impact investment the focus of his Chairmanship. In this video, he puts the social impact investment theme into a private equity and venture capital context and explains the industry’s role in impact investing.


ClearlySo is a Social Investment Finance Intermediary and a member of the BVCA. ClearlySo’s CEO, Rodney Schwartz, provides the investors’ perspective and expectations in terms of impact investing.


Jeh Kazimi, CEO of social enterprise Breezie, illustrates the social entrepreneur’s perspective – particularly how the hallmarks of the private equity and venture capital asset class are tailored to social entrepreneurs’ expectations and needs.

Bridges Ventures is a leading impact investment firm in the UK.


Michele Giddens, Partner and Co-Founder of Bridges Ventures, explains their investment approach and how impact businesses can drive commercial success.


Michele Giddens discusses how the private equity industry is uniquely qualified to find and back companies that are going to bring solutions that we need.


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