BVCA members have a proven track record in investing in small businesses and helping them grow. How will the three political parties’ business policies affect growth companies?

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  • Conservatives
  • Retaining the 2015/2016 cut of main rate of corporation tax to 20%
  • Merging income tax and national insurance into one collective tax
  • Supportive of an annual limit on non-EU economic migration
  • Supporting the expansion of challenger banks to diversify the banking market and creating a new online platform for lenders to search for SMEs that are seeking a loan but have been rejected for finance by other banks
  • Tripling the reach of the Start-Up Loans scheme from 25,000 to 75,000 new enterprises backed by £300m of loan capital
  • Labour
  • Raising the minimum wage to £8 an hour by 2020
  • Improving the link between executive pay and performance by simplifying pay packages
  • Imposing a cap on workers from outside of the EU and restricting the movement of economic migrants to the UK from future new members of the EU
  • Reversing the government’s planned Corporation Tax cut in 2015/16
  • Looking at introducing an allowance for corporate equityView-policies-(Black-Large)
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Establishing an official Living Wage
  • Advocating stronger criterion for foreign takeover bids of British firms
  • Processing times tackled for quicker visas for short-term business visitors, tourists and students
  • Maximising revenue from Capital Gains Tax by more closely aligning rates to Income Tax and introducing a de minimis capital gains exempt amount on top of a single tax free threshold for both income and capital gains
  • Refocusing the Entrepreneurs Relief to ensure it only helps genuine entrepreneurs and isn’t used as a tax loophole


Around 90% of private equity and venture capital investment in the UK is directed at SMEs. We are an industry which has a proven track record in helping businesses to grow and succeed. Here are some examples of outstanding companies backed by our members.

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  • Allinea


    Allinea is the trusted leader in software development tools and application performance analytics for high performance computing (HPC) and one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. It is committed to investment in research and in technology partnerships with the industry’s leading centres of expertise and technology providers to ensure that in an era of considerable advancement and change, Allinea leads the field in providing tools that enable new technologies to be exploited to their maximum potential.

    Investor: Midven / Oxford Capital Partners


  • Anaxsys


    Anaxsys is a medical device company that develops and markets innovative respiratory devices. Their unique approach to identifying and meeting clinical needs has resulted in a range of novel products, based on patented sensor technology, to improve patient outcomes. These product ranges are targeted at patient monitoring, screening and diagnostics in the areas of vital signs, sleep apnoea, asthma and lung cancer. Anaxsys’ first product to market is respiR8, a continuous respiratory rate counter that provides an early indication of patient deterioration.

    Investor: Capital Venture Managers / Midven


  • Arvia


    Arvia’s technology removes and destroys organic contaminants from a wide range of aqueous effluents ranging from low and trace levels of difficult to treat and non-biodegradable organics to radioactive oils. Their patented technology has been shown to treat various historically-untraceable organics. It provides a simple, flexible and reliable solution to organic waste problems with significantly lower operating costs than traditional alternatives. Through this advanced method of organics destruction, Arvia’s technology is revolutionising the aqueous organic treatment market.

    Investor: MTI Partners


  • Benefex


    Benefex is one of the most successful reward and benefit providers in the UK. They provide flexible benefits, auto-enrolment, pensions and benefit broking, Total Reward Statements, voluntary benefits and financial education. Benefex manages these products through its RewardHub technology which enables schemes to be shaped and moulded to fit any company’s requirements.

    Investor: Business Growth Fund


  • Breaking Free Group

    Breaking Free Group

    Breaking Free Group is a pioneering digital healthcare provider with offices in Birmingham and Manchester. Created by a team of clinical psychologists and substance misuse experts, its flagship product, Breaking Free Online, is an internet-based treatment programme currently focused on problem drinking and drug use. The programme has been proven to reduce substance dependency, improve mood, reduce anxiety and improve quality of life in a range of treatment settings. Breaking Free Online has already been commissioned by over 60 local authorities and NHS Trusts and received expressions of interest from a number of overseas markets. A new ‘Heath and Justice’ product, commissioned by NHS England for the Ministry of Justice, has also recently been developed specifically for use in prisons to reduce reoffending rates.

    Investor: Midven




    At BROADSTONE we aim to make complex issues clear and understandable, to listen to your needs and deliver what we say we will. It’s as simple as that. BROADSTONE offers corporate pensions, investment consulting and employee benefits services to businesses, trustees and other organisations. We know that the advice we give affects the quality of people's lives and we take this responsibility very seriously. If you run a business or are acting on behalf of a company pension scheme, or are responsible for employee benefits, we offer a personalised service with one goal in mind – the best result for you.

    Investor: Oakley Capital


  • CCS


    CCS set out to create a totally new approach to small cell microwave backhaul systems, which support LTE mobile networks with added capacity and coverage. The company, based in Cambridge, has seen the first commercial deployment of its pioneering technology with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile operator. Over the past year CCS has won the Small Cell Forum Industry Award for Backhaul Design and Technology Innovation, an IET Innovation award for communications and a World Communication Award for Innovation, which is a significant validation of the unrivalled technical and business benefits the CCS system delivers.

    Investor: Imperial Innovations


  • Feature Space

    Feature Space

    Technology company Featurespace is pioneering the next level of data analysis: Adaptive Behavioural Analytics. They combine the very latest research in statistics and data analysis with a unique method of modelling human behaviour. Featurespace’s core ARIC technology is a revolutionary approach to accurately predicting the behaviour of individuals and dynamic groups of people, in real time. Featurespace has deployed a series of award-winning products for fraud and risk management, as well as customer insight and retention, and is recognised as an industry authority on responsible gambling and player protection.

    Investor: Imperial Innovations


  • ForgeRock


    ForgeRock seeks to transform the way organisations approach identity and access management, so they can deliver better customer experiences, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately drive greater value and revenue. This is achieved through the best commercial source identity stack for securing anything, anywhere, on any device.

    Investor: Accel Partners


  • GlySure


    GlySure is a developer of in-hospital continuous blood glucose monitoring (CBGM) systems. Glucose levels can change unpredictably, and safe implementation of tight glycaemic control (TGC) requires rapid sampling of blood glucose levels to ensure the patient stays in the target range. GlySure’s team of scientists and engineers has created a CBGM system using a proprietary optical fluorescence sensor to meet the US$2 billion-plus worldwide demand for implementation of TGC in the hospital intensive care units.

    Investor: Amadeus Capital Partners


  • Light Blue Optics

    Light Blue Optics

    Light Blue Optics (LBO) develops and supplies advanced user-interface technology for use in high-volume applications in markets including education, training, corporate boardrooms and consumer electronics. LBO software is embedded in cutting-edge interactive flat-panel displays and projection-based whiteboards sold by market leaders, providing best-in-class performance at affordable cost. LBO uses its expertise in the physical sciences and embedded software to produce the very best-performing solutions at a very low cost of implementation.

    Investor: DFJ Esprit


  • miiCard


    miiCard is the first Digital Identity Verification service to operate entirely online, working within minutes and to the same level as a physical passport or photo ID check. Through a patented process that leverages the trust between an individual and their financial institution, miiCard establishes identity to Level of Assurance 3+ and meets customer and anti-money laundering identity guidelines, enabling the sale of regulated products and services purely online. With coverage across five continents and over 350 million people, miiCard is creating trust online across a range of industries including finance, commerce, trading, gaming, healthcare, recruitment, dating, social and professional networking.

    Investor: Par Equity


  • Seedcamp


    Seedcamp is Europe’s leading pre-seed and seed stage acceleration programme. It was created to jump-start the entrepreneurial community in Europe by connecting the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs with over 2000 mentors from a top-tier network of company builders, such as seed investors, serial entrepreneurs, product experts, HR and PR specialists, marketers, lawyers, recruiters, journalists and venture capitalists. Across the many global Seedcamps spread throughout the year, these groups are brought together in one place. For the winning companies of any event where Seedcamp chooses to make an investment, the standard investment is €50,000 for 8-10% of the company.

    Investor: Reed Elsevier Ventures


  • Sphere Fluidics

    Sphere Fluidics

    Sphere Fluidics is an established life sciences company which has developed unique products for use in single cell analysis and characterisation and provides collaborative R&D services in this area. The company has patented a novel technology platform that enables ultra-high throughput analysis of single cells and generation of their genetic, transcriptomic and proteomic profiles in miniaturised volumes called picodroplets. Sphere Fluidics’ technology enables the study of the mechanism of cell resistance to chemotherapy, isolation of new enzymes and identification of novel microbial molecules created using synthetic biology.

    Investor: Royal Society Enterprise Fund


  • Sumerian


    Sumerian helps leading enterprises to de-risk their future IT plans and control future IT costs by applying advanced predictive analytics to IT operations management, and in particular IT infrastructure capacity planning. The company’s Forward Thinking analytics gives companies a new perspective – powerful new insight to ensure they deploy the right IT resources at the right time, and at the right cost. Sumerian has spent the last 12 years working with enterprises around the globe, building up a unique capability and real world expertise in applying proven statistical techniques and sophisticated ‘what if’ scenario modelling to accurately predict future IT outcomes.

    Investor: Scottish Equity Partners


  • SwiftKey


    SwiftKey is an award-winning keyboard app for smartphones and tablets that learns from users to offer better auto-corrections and next-word predictions. The company is now looking to innovate further in the fields of natural language processing and machine learning, enhance its text entry technology and expand its product portfolio into significant new areas. SwiftKey also licenses its technology to several leading OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) including Samsung. Founded in 2008, SwiftKey has grown revenues five-fold year on year and the company has tripled in size to 100 staff over a 12 month period, opening offices in Seoul, Beijing and San Francisco.

    Investor: Accel Partners / Index Ventures / Octopus Investments


  • VoiceNotes


    VoiceNotes provides a secure service to leave meeting notes and actions in one call which are recorded then typed up, proofread and emailed back to the client within minutes. The company also offers secure storage and management of these audio recordings. VoiceNotes only employs an educated team of transcribers and proofreaders of the highest standard all based in the UK. For over seven years, VoiceNotes has been servicing FTSE 100 groups and individuals across the country.

    Investor: The Summit Group


  • Zysis


    Zysis is a pharmaceutical company optimising therapies for disorders of the Central Nervous System to improve sufferers’ lives. The company is currently developing a new drug for the treatment of psychotic conditions, having reformulated an effective anti-psychotic compound to create a controlled release, once-weekly, oral maintenance phase therapy.

    Investor: Catapult Venture Managers