The future prosperity of the UK economy is dependent upon its ability to attract and encourage investment. In order to compete on the world stage, the country needs companies to grow, entrepreneurship to be stimulated and innovation funded.

Private equity and venture capital has a proven track record of doing just that. Behind some of the country’s most successful businesses, it is a long-term, responsible investor, providing capital and strategic expertise that spans the country across all sectors.

The Investment Agenda is a platform to demonstrate the role of private equity and venture capital in the UK. It is an industry which has backed over 3,900 UK companies in the last five years and one which is increasingly using its tools to address social challenges as well as business ones.

As a nation of enterprise, the UK has a long and proud history. Now, with the rapid improvement of the UK economy, there is an opportunity to build on this and take the country to even greater success. Investment will be key to this, and private equity and venture capital will have its part to play.