The four videos below present diverse voices from the private equity and venture capital community – from investors such as pensions funds to investment managers and to business leaders. These case studies show the importance of Responsible Investment to their activities and the positive contributions the industry makes to society at large, whether to the environment, the workplace, the marketplace, the community or governance.

Responsible Investment within the private equity sector: Setting standards

"Responsible Investment has been central to the private equity approach since it is the DNA of private equity. We have moved from a defensive mindset to an aspiration around Responsible Investment. Responsible Investment leads to better companies and that leads to a better impact in society at large."

Alan MacKay, BVCA Chairman, Executive Partner and Founder, GHO Capital

Our Responsible Investment journey: the case of Apax Partners

“Where we are now on this journey is making this product part of the operational excellence practice that will drive really strong outcomes and financial value for investors, owners, employees, for all internal and external constituents.”

Seth Brody, Partner and Global Head of the Operational Excellence Practice, Apax Partners

A Responsible Investment approach between investment managers and investors: The case of Palatine Private Equity and Access Capital Partners

“As a Responsible investor, before committing capital, we always pay attention to whether the fund manager has formalised its own approach to Responsible Investment and how well ESG matters are handled in their deal making and monitoring processes.”

Beth Houghton, Partner, Palatine Private Equity and
Cecile Croissant, Partner, Investor Relations, Access Capital Partners

A Responsible Investment approach between investors and investee companies: The case of Graphite Capital and Explore Learning

"Our performance and the value of the business have been greatly enhanced by the improvements we have made in ESG.”

Mark Hall, Partner, Graphite Capital and
Rob Hicks, UK Managing Director, Explore Learning